Meet Eddy Grootenboer from Flat Tail Studios

Hi Eddy! Tell us a bit more about yourself.

– My name is Eddy Grootenboer and I’m 24 years old. I moved to Sweden two years ago from the Netherlands where I studied retail specialized in Supermarkets and I also worked in supermarkets for four years after my studies. My hobbies are Gaming, playing with animals and Anime/Manga.

I recently got a puppy named Zero! He is a Shiba Inu and follows me to work everyday!

How did you get in touch with the game industry?

This is a funny story really, a bit long but I hope you’re ready.

I had a period of time where I was suffering from kidney stones and couldn’t do much so I started playing a game called “Startup Company” and helped out with some QA. I got in contact with someone in the community. They showed me the game they were making and I jokingly said: “Cool! When your game is further along I will playtest it for you”.

Two months later I was told that we are founding a studio alongside Youtuber BikiniBodhi but we need someone to move to Skellefteå. Do you want to be our QA?

Soon I ended up selling my car, I grabbed my PC and drove to the north of Sweden in a rented Van. We had a little car crash on the way but nobody got hurt, however, due to the crash we had to sleep in a rental car on side of the highway. Oh, I almost forgot to mention it was -28 degrees that night.

I survived and when we were 30 min away from my new house and I start thinking… What if this is a prank? Luckily it wasn’t and I arrived here, met up with Artic Game lab, and since then been part of the gaming industry.


I survived and when we were 30 min away from my new house and I start thinking... What if this is a prank?

Eddy Grootenboer
What are you up to at the moment?

I am currently working on Last Farewell with my team. It’s an action-survival roguelike co-op game leaving you and potential friends in a city to fend for yourselves as long as possible. From feedback, it seems the idea is fairly unique.

We have been working on Last Farewell for almost 2 years. When I have time over I concept new game ideas I would like to make in the future.

What happens in the near future?

Exciting stuff! Working on new updates and more for the future.



Cat person vs. Dog person? – DOG

Winter vs. Summer – WINTER

Explore space vs. Explore the marine world – EXPLORE SPACE

Nature vs. City – NATURE

Console vs. Mobile – CONSOLE

WEAKNESS: For me, my weakness is would be not confident with public speaking. I get beyond nervous having to speak for a group bigger than 3 people.

FAVORITE GAME: I love any kind of simulation management games! Like Game Dev Tycoon!


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