Meet Tova Näslund from Wanderword

Hi Tova! Tell us a bit more about your self.

My name is Tova Näslund, and I work as a Creative Designer at Wanderword. I also work part-time as a freelance writer. Besides that I’m a passionate storyteller with a love for all things horror! 

How did you get in touch with the game industry?

I studied a BA in Creative Writing at Roehampton University in London, where I chose a special pathway in Games and Interactive Narrative. 

What are you up to at the moment?

Now I’m writing a text adventure game for Choice of Games, and a gruesome short story for the role-playing game KULT: Divinity Lost. 

I'm a passionate storyteller with a love for all things horror! 


What happens in the near future?

I’ll finish reading Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk 😊

What’s your favorite game?

My favorite is Sunless Skies by Failbetter Games

What is your weakness? 

Chocolate! All kind of chocolate…


Cat person vs. Dog person? DOG

Winter vs. Summer – WINTER

Explore space vs. Explore the marine world – THE MARINE WORLD!

Nature vs. City – NATURE

Console vs. Mobile – CONSOLE

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