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Global Game Jam 2019 - Skellefteå
16:00 The Great Northern, Storgatan 53, 931 30 Skellefteå, Sverige
Välkommen till Global Game Jam!
( Scroll down for english!.... )

Vi startar på fredag eftermiddag, då delar vi upp oss i lag och temat presenteras. På söndag tittar vi igenom slutresultaten.

Vi har möjlighet att erbjuda enklare sovplatser utan kostnad. Lokalen för övernattning blir på Shimbukans Dojo. Sovsaker behövs därför packas med.

Global Game Jam har tyvärr 18-årsgräns. Det är dock ingen kostnad att vara med.

Mackor, frukt, kaffe etc. kommer att finnas utan kostnad på jammet och vi bjuder även på pizza lördag kväll.

Vi tar med vår teknik från labbet så det kommer finnas ett antal några datorer, HTC Vive och en hololens att arbeta med. I första hand behöver ni dock ta med egna datorer.

Samåkning till Skellefteå koordineras av Arctic Game Lab.

Anmäl dig via följande länk:

Viktig info:
På våra event har vi nolltolerans mot diskriminering och kränkande behandling.
! English !

We will begin Friday evening when we will make up the teams and the theme will be revealed.
Sunday we will have the opportunity to try out each others games and look at the results.

For those who travel to Skellefteå we can provide simple accomodation for free. The accommodation for overnight stays will be on Shimbukans Dojo. Therefore, sleeping bags and such are needed .

There will be sandwiches, coffee/tea, fruit at the Game Jam and we will also buy pizza at Saturday night at Arctic Game Jams expense.

To sign up, use this link:

Important information:
At our events we have a zero tolerance policy against discriminatory and offensive behavior. GOOGLE CALENDAR



Arctic Game Pitch
08:00 The Great Northern, Storgatan 53, 931 30 Skellefteå, Sverige
Pitch your game and win a spot in our booth at Nordsken and at Gamescom!

Note! We wanted to give you the rules now although everything concerning Gamescom participation is not final and might change. We hope to have a update concerning this soon.

Register today in the following way:
Send a email to
We need the following information:
-Name of those pitching
-Phone number
-Name of the game project
Last day to register is Februari 5st.
When you register we will give you a time to pitch. You only need to be here at that time.

Jury and their criteria:
- The jury will consist of senior individuals from the games industry that knows what is needed for Gamescom.
- The jury will be presented before the pitch.
The jury will select a mix of games ranging from professional productions to indie games that they believe will be interesting at Gamescom and. It is also important that they believe in the developers and their chance to have a working demo for Nordsken and a company up and running for Gamescom.


Arctic Game Pitch
- The pitch will be in a closed conference room with only you, the jury and someone from Arctic Game Lab.
- Game projects need to be preregistered and pitched in Skellefteå February 12th.
- Every project gets 5 minutes to pitch and 5 miutes for questions from the jury.
- The pitch needs to be in English.

- You can pitch concepts, they dont need to be playable at the time for the pitch.
- If we have time for it you can pitch several projects. In this case you need to prioritize your projects when registring.
- 8 games will be selected for the booth at Nordsken. This is decided by the jury.
- The games can be released on Steam, App store, Google play and similar. Release must still be fresh (approx. 6 months).
- Games that has won Arctic Game Pitch and traveled to Gamescom can not participate.
- The game project needs to originate from Umeå, Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå or Boden.
- The game project cant be only analog (analog in combination with digital is ok).

- If you are selected for Arctic Game Labs booth at Nordsken you need to spend time in meetings before Nordsken planning your participation as well as before and after Nordsken building the booth on site as well as showing your game to visitors during May 30st to June 1st.
- You must have a playable demo at Nordsken.
- 5 games will be selected at Nordsken to be shown in our booth at Gamescom. Travel and accomodation for one person per team will be included in the prize.
- If you for any good reason cant show your game to the public at Nordsken that is ok. You will then have a closed pitch at Nordsken for our jury.

- There must be a company that owns the game when you go to Gamescom. This is solved by you, we can point you in the right direction if needed.
- You need to be at Gamescom for approx. 5 work days (monday-friday).
- You need to fill in a diminimi form before the trip stating that your company have recieved support from Arctic Game Lab. GOOGLE CALENDAR