25 Feb 2020

A fantastic conference

A new conference of fantastic fiction in all its forms to creating a platform for business, creators and other interested parties to meet.

In a joint effort by B. Wahlströms, Rabén & Sjögren, Bonnier Carlsen, Film i Västerbotten, Arctic Game Lab, Goodbye Kansas and Nordsken, a new conference called Fantastic Conference is now created with the purpose of increasing interest and knowledge of fantastic fiction in all its forms and creating a platform for business, creators and other interested parties can meet.

The conference, which in great part is held in English and is aimed at an international audience, is intended to let business like comics, literature, film, toys, merchandise and games – who all work with the same or similar intellectual properties – meet to find new business models, business ventures and business associates. . The main theme of the conference is fantastic fiction, which includes fantasy, science fiction, horror, magic realism, folklore or a mix of these.

The conference consists of three speaker tracks:

  • The first track invites librarians, teachers and reading enthusiasts for a full day of fantastic inspiration. In cooperation with book publishers, the biggest names in fantasy, sci fi and horror for children and youth are invited for discussions, workshops and exchange of ideas.
  • The second track focuses on film creation and visual effects in film and tv, with production companies, streaming services, directors, actors and film fans participating.
  • The third track focuses on intellectual property rights and new business models, with the purpose of letting industries meet and find new possibilities of development and discussing common problems.

– The goal for Nordsken is to become the most important event for all forms of Fantastic Fiction in the Nordic region, and Fantastic Conference is an important step in that direction. By building a conference on these three topics, we create an area for fantastic fiction that is missing in the Nordic region, and a possibility for this culture to blossom, says Johan Linder, project manager for Arctic Game Week. Fantastic Conference is held on May 20th, 2020 in Skellefteå as part of Arctic Game Week 2020 where business topics, gaming culture and creativity is presented in different events along the north Swedish coast from Boden in the north to Skellefteå in the south.

Nordsken is the biggest culture event of its kind in the Nordic countries, with over 10 000 unique visitors expected to Skellefteå Kraft Arena between May 21 and 23. The focus of Nordsken is fantastic fiction in literature, comics, film, tv, art, digital and analogue games, and the visitors include families, dedicated fans and business people.



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