14 Jan 2020

Global Game Jam 2020

Welcome to Global Game Jam!

We will begin on Friday evening (31 January) when we will make up the teams and the theme will be revealed.
Sunday we will have the opportunity to try out each others games and look at the results.

For those who travel to Skellefteå we can provide simple accomodation for free. The accommodation for overnight stays will be on Shimbukans Dojo (approx. 200 meter from the game jam). Therefore, sleeping bags and such are needed .

There will be sandwiches, coffee/tea, fruit at the Game Jam and we will also buy pizza at Saturday night at Arctic Game Jams expense.

To participate you must be 18 or older. The Game Jam is free of charge. 

To sign up, use this link:

Important information:
At our events we have a zero tolerance policy against discriminatory and offensive behavior.