Recruiting- and Relocation Services

As a part of Arctic Game Lab, you have a great opportunity when it comes to your recruitment needs. We have built- and is regularly expanding a pipeline with candidates for many different positions that wants to work both in our Arctic Game Lab region (Norr- and Västerbotten) and candidates that only are open for remote jobs. You can even use our services for fast-track work permits, housing and other relocation questions that might arise.

In collaboration with Terminalengruppen, a regional reputable recruitment- and relocation company, we support our member companies to find and relocate talent from all over the world.

The services are strongly discounted for you as a member company and the reason for this is to continue our growth of people in the AGL companies and the regions without the need to cannibalize on each other.

No matter if you plan- or had put out job ads yourself or using external help from whoever, ALWAYS contact us directly when a competence- or HR-/Relocation need arises to see if we can support you. You do not even have to have the requirement profile 100% ready. We help you to sort out the bits and pieces.


And the best part. We all have the same interest in building a regional growing world class game cluster.

For more information, read the FAQ regarding our benefit services
You can also book a Zoom meeting right now directly in your calendar to discuss your talent needs by using this direct link: 
Peder Hansson, Terminalengruppen
+46 730 26 80 30

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