Zordix is growing and hiring more people

Zordix is growing and are now hiring more people, at the same time as their share is rising to new heights on the stock exchange market.

– We are expanding in Umeå and are looking for four new managers for the head office, says Matti Larsson, CEO of the gaming company Zordix.

The new ones to be hired are needed in marketing, business development, sales, production and the company is also looking for a person responsible to keep together and serve all players in the community that follows the company’s various games. For a few years now, Zordix has taken the step towards becoming a group with several subsidiaries. In 2020, both the gaming company Invictus Games from Hungary and Dimfrost Studio from Norrköping were acquired. It is a business model that Matti Larsson wants Zordix to continue with, even though he cannot say anything right now about possible plans for future acquisitions of companies.

– We are 65 in the company group, but expect 75 in 2021 only with generic growth, he says.

photo: Mikael Hansson

He adds that people “thought he was crazy” when he more than twelve years ago claimed that in Umeå there could be 50-60 developers in total in Umeå. These were figures many were skeptical of, no one could then see that the industry would grow so strongly in Umeå, northern Sweden as well as the rest of the country, not even himself. But now only Zordix has the number of employees that a decade ago saw as fantasy figures. The industry has certainly grown strongly, he concludes.

Expands the premises

More employees also means increased pressure on the premises in Umeå. In the house in the industrial area Västerslätt, there are successfully enough opportunities to grow and expand.

– We will expand in June by 160 square meters at the same address where we currently have 340 square meters.

Strong growth on the stock market

With the strong growth, more and more people have opened their eyes to Zordix. This is not least noticeable on the stock exchange, where Zordix was introduced in the autumn of 2018. From an initial trading of two, three kronor per share, it has risen sharply to today’s price (1 Feb, 2021) or over 28 kronor. Not least in the last six months, the price has risen at a record pace.


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