Rankone wants to build the world’s best game community

Umeå-based RankOne are building a global community based on the love of video and computer games. The first stage is to reach one million users.
One million users may sound like a lot, but the long-term goal is much more ambitious, according to the initiators.
– Our goal is to build the world’s top social platform for players. It was something we ourselves felt we missed – and something we now work every day to achieve, says Johan Tjäder.

Building a global game platform.

Johan Tjäder, together with Josef Karlsson and Arvid Sandström, is the founder of the newly started gaming community Rankone. The three of them really believe in their idea. Just over 1.5 years ago, they resigned from their jobs and decided to invest everything. The Umeå-based developers want to make an attempt to let the players themselves take control of where they collect their memories, experiences and trophies. The aim is to build a social platform where the players build a community together based on the love of games.

Diversity among users

RankOne is still in its start-up stage, but the community has already begun to grow organically. Right now, for example, 800 streamers are registered with RankOne and the total number of users is growing at an ever-increasing rate.

The diversity of the community is also remarkable, with about 100 countries represented, an age range between 12-65 and about a quarter of female users.

At the moment, the goal is to find investors to be able to scale up the development of the platform and bring in the first million users. Based on the current growth rate, this is something they believe they can achieve within two years. The work has gone fast, and the launch took place after only a month of work.

– We wanted to launch RankOne as soon as possible. Then we roll out new features in a kind of interaction with the users. We create what they need – and in this way get a community controlled by users and behaviors, says Arvid Sandström.


RankOne website

Article from Digital impact north, writer Mikael Hansson

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