Meet Tova Näslund from Wanderword

Hi Tova! Tell us a bit more about your self. My name is Tova Näslund, and I work as a Creative Designer at Wanderword. I also work part-time as a freelance writer. Besides that I’m a passionate storyteller with a love for all things horror!  How did you get in touch with the game industry? […]

Meet Sebastian Ojala from Pixadome

Hi Sebastian! Tell us a bit more about yourself. – I am a local “Bodenbo/Bodensare” with no intention to move! When the Indie Game Education came to Boden I saw my chance and put every ounce of time and energy into it, there was no way I would let this opportunity slip past me. With […]

Meet Eddy Grootenboer from Flat Tail Studios

Hi Eddy! Tell us a bit more about yourself. – My name is Eddy Grootenboer and I’m 24 years old. I moved to Sweden two years ago from the Netherlands where I studied retail specialized in Supermarkets and I also worked in supermarkets for four years after my studies. My hobbies are Gaming, playing with […]

Meet Maya Umar from Blamorama Games

Meet Maya Umar, co-founder at Blamorama Games. We had a little chat with her So, tell us a bit more about yourself: I am a film and media graduate from Malaysia who’s been living in Luleå since 2016, moving here after marrying my husband Tobias who I met while playing a video game together. 🙂  […]