Arctic Game Week 2022, May 25-28 Skellefteå, Sweden

After two years of canceled events due to the pandemic, we can now proudly present the best Arctic Game Week ever! We will once again open the doors to a week filled with business conferences, networking, entertainment and the public event Nordsken where games, culture and creativity meet. The event will be arranged in Skellefteå, […]

Fabella – a powerful visual authoring tool for interactive audio and speech

Meet Rosina the Vice President of Global Sales at Wanderword. Together with her team they aim to put Fabella in the hands of audio game developers, podcast producers, audiobook publishers, conversation designers and others in need of a powerful visual authoring tool for interactive audio and speech.  You have some great news to share – […]

The League of Legends team from Piteå is the best in the country

The e-sports scene in Piteå is growing. Lundqvist Lightside is ranked as Sweden’s best League of Legends team. But now the e-sports director Jakob Eriksson, 24, also intends to take over Europe. At the beginning of November, Lundqvist Lightside qualified for the Nordic second division. – It feels absolutely wonderful. I had never imagined this […]

New game educations to Arctic Game region!

Recently, the result from Myndigheten för yrkesutbildningar (MYH)came regarding which educations that have been granted, and for the gaming cluster Arctic Game, it was a jackpot again!  In Sweden, only three new game educations were granted – and two ended up in Skellefteå. The new educations are Immersive Experience Creator – where you learn to […]

E-sports’ very own Zlatan: ” I can be the greatest asshole”

The 27-year-old won the world title in the Rainbow Six Siege two years in a row, and took the whole gaming world by storm. Now he wants to get more females into the games industry. Fabian Hällsten, Piteå, had already started studying to be a social studies teacher at university when his e-sports career took […]

Pitching workshop with Global Top Round

We are sure that You as an entrepreneur have often pitched your game to both investors, publishers and maybe even local grant companies. You might have experienced letdowns, rejections, or you have gotten success. The workshop focuses on fine tuning of pitches. Even if you are a new indie developer, medium sized startup or established […]

Back to school jam!

It’s finally time for a BACK TO SCHOOL JAM! When:  October 15-17 Oktober at Campus Skellefteå (C-huset/building) What: A game jam for everybody that is interested in how to create a game. How: A game jam gathers people to create games for a limited time, often in groups and on a specific theme.The games are created on […]

Arctic Game Week 2021 is cancelled

Despite less restrictions concerning Covid-19, Arctic Game Lab has decided to cancel Arctic Game Week 2021, which should have been in the end of October. This means that the Arctic Game Conference, Fantastic Conference and Nordsken are cancelled, as well as all other events that would have taken place in connection with these. Covid-19 has […]